Grayson Ronald – 3 Month



Weight: 15 lbs

Length: 26 inches (95 percentile)

Loves: eating, sucking on his hands and chewing on toys (when he can get them into his mouth), his toy dog, Scout, Tom Petty music, Mommy’s singing, patty cake, large groups of people (he loves the sound of ambient noise), toys that make noise, watching cartoons (especially Mickey), being held, being snug in his wraps and carriers, staring in the mirror

Hates: naps, car rides, when Mommy speaks with an accent

Daddy’s Favorites: his crooked lip grin, the way he grabs your finger with his toes and the way he mimics the sucking motion in his sleep

Mommy’s Favorite: the smile I get from him first thing in the morning, the way he falls asleep when he’s in his wrap and watching him stare at everything when we’re on our walks

Grayson is finding his hands and feet and grabbing his toys now. He can’t quite get them into his mouth perfectly and that frustrates him, but he’s getting better every day. He’s smiling all the time now and sometimes acts shy when people tell him how cute he is.

He’s growing like a weed still. He’s wearing 6 month or 6-9 month clothes and his feet are so big that his 6-12 month socks no longer fit.

He’s sleeping through the night consistently now which is amazing. He does not take naps during the day, however. When he does I can only assume he’s going through a growth spurt.

His neck is so strong now. He almost has full control and he’s starting to roll over. He gets onto his side no problem (no more turning away from the changing table to grab more diapers!). He’s been able to roll onto his tummy twice, but can’t get his little arm out from under him so he gets mad. When we prop him up he tries to sit up and he loves when I help him sit up and make a robot noise.

Grayson Ronald: Month Three Video

August flew by in the blink of an eye. Our family had some adventures this month. Traveling to and from Santa Barbara for work has been interesting. Tiring, but interesting. My little baby has gone through so many milestones lately. He’s grabbing toys and talking more and chewing on everything, especially his hands. It’s difficult to get photos of his smiles now because his hands are always in the way!

Here is the August video. If you haven’t been following along so far, Ryan and I are filming short video clips of Grayson every day. I’ve been making monthly videos of the clips (here is June and July). At the end of the year I will shorten the clips and make a first year video! I already look back fondly at the first and second months. He was so tiny!

grayson august from Tera Sue on Vimeo.

XO, Tera

12 Weeks

Today marks 12 weeks of motherhood. The first two weeks felt like we were living in A Nightmare on Elm Street with no sleep and constant crying. Nothing we did soothed him. Not even the Happiest Baby on the Block could save us. We were like deer in headlights trying to burp him this way and sway him that way. We tried swaddles and gripe water and pacifiers and ancient German wart of toad and heart of lamb spells. Nothing seemed to make him happy and that made us unhappy.

I cried a lot thinking I was a bad mother. I cried because I thought it would never get easier. I cried because I had heard that it would last for three months and I only had that much time before I had to go back to work. I cried because my husband would get to enjoy the happy Grayson while I worked in a gray cubicle under florescent lighting. We were first time parents without a clue. We had this tiny child we thought would break if we breathed too hard in his direction.

As the weeks went on things got easier. He cried less and slept more. We settled into a routine and learned his language. We left the house as often as we could. We realized that we were doing a good job and that he wasn’t unhappy, he was just a baby and babies cry to communicate.

I’m back at work now with a boss of mine from my Disney and Intuit days. It’s been interesting because not only have I never been a working mom before, but now I’m a working mom who works half time from home and half time from a city that is 4 hours north of our home. The beauty of having a young child not in school and a husband who works freelance is that they can travel wherever the work takes me. I am loving my two new jobs as Mom and Project Management Consultant and the challenges they bring. I feel super grateful that I didn’t have to choose between motherhood and my career because I really do love both. Just don’t tell my boss, but I love motherhood more ;).

12 weeks

XO, Tera

Grayson Ronald – 2 Month

Baby boy is 2 months old! I really love watching him grow and learn. He’s developing such a cute personality now.


Weight: 14 lbs

Length: 24 inches

Eyes: Still gray blue (hoping they stay that way)

Hair: Still spiky, but starting to calm down a little I think. It keeps getting lighter and lighter brownish red.

Loves: staring at toys (especially noisy ones), eating, lamps and light, staring at the ceiling, laying on his changing table (and talking to mommy and daddy or staring at the elephant on his wall), listening to mommy sing, cooing and yelling, being in his wrap or baby bjorn

Hates: pooping, not being held, not being fed, being in his car seat, having his clothes changed, tummy time

Daddy’s Favorite: While he’s sleeping (through the night sometimes!!) he laughs and he can’t wait until he laughs while awake.

Mommy’s Favorite: His smiles. He has this face he makes when he gets really excited where he puckers up his lips and sucks in air like he’s gasping with delight. I swear he’s going to laugh soon.

Grayson is such a sweet boy. Always smiling at mommy and daddy, always wanting to be held. He also gets bored easily and wants to keep moving and exploring. He doesn’t stay occupied with one toy for very long, but when he is enjoying himself he kicks his feet and waves his arms wildly, cooing and yelling so much that he works himself into a tizzy starts crying.

I am really enjoying how alert and aware he is now. He seems to recognize us and as soon as I say hello to him when he wakes up he flashes me that, “hey! I know you! You’re my mommy!” smile that makes my heart melt. When he actually calls me mommy I think I might die.

XO, Tera

Grayson Ronald: Month Two Video

Another month has passed us by. It’s almost time for me to go back to work which makes me sad. I’ve spent every waking moment with my son and soon I will be leaving him for ten hours a day! That being said, I’m very glad I am able to leave him with my husband instead of a nanny or at daycare. We haven’t even left him with our parents yet (though they’ve offered). Maybe I’m a little too attached and could use a date night with Ryan, but I know we’d just end up talking about him, missing him and calling to ask about him the entire time anyway.

The biggest event for us in July was a visit from Ryan’s family. They came out from Rhode Island and Florida and Grayson got to meet his Grammy, Grampy, Auntie Jan and Uncle/Godfather Dave and three of his cousins. I think he was a little overwhelmed the first day they were here, but by the second day he was smiling and cooing at them. We also helped my parents move into their new house. It’s a beautiful house with plenty of room for us to visit and throw pool parties. I can’t wait until Grayson is old enough to swim and play, but for now I will just enjoy my cuddly baby.

Grayson July from Tera Sue on Vimeo.

XO, Tera

Grayson Ronald: Month One Video

I’ve been filming daily videos of Grayson so I can really see how much he’s changing during his first year. It’s really fun to look back and remember milestones that I might otherwise forget. Here is his first video. June 2014.

Grayson June from Tera Sue on Vimeo.


Grayson Ronald – 1 Month


I cannot believe Grayson has been with us for a month already! On the other hand, I feel like he’s been with us forever. It’s strange suddenly having this beautiful creature we created in our lives and though we just met him, it was love at first sight. We’re all getting to know each other, teaching each other and falling deeper and deeper in love with one another through good times and bad (I’m looking at you, 3am scream fests).


Weight: 11.8 lbs (77 percentile)

Length: 24.25 inches (99 percentile)

Eyes: gray blue

Hair: spiky brown hair with hints or red in the right light

Nickname(s): Squeaky, Gray Gray, The Gray, Bear, Cutie Baby

Loves: eating, sticking his tongue out, sucking on his index finger, staring at art and photos on the wall, laying on daddy’s chest, sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room in the cradle his grandpa built for him, crying, white noise and eating some more

Hates: pooping and farting, not being held, not being fed and diaper changes

Daddy’s Favorite: The way he lays on his chest and falls asleep.

Mommy’s Favorite: The way he stretches with his entire body and smiles in his sleep.

Grayson is very curious. He is always looking around, absorbing his new world. He’s also very strong! He was lifting his head the day he was born and he just keeps getting stronger and stronger (which makes diaper changes a challenge at times). He squirms as if he’s trying to crawl and I predict he will be a very determined, strong willed and sensitive little boy. Daddy predicts he will be a handful. Extreme measures will be taken in the way of baby proofing when he starts crawling!

XO, Tera

Grayson Ronald

After 40 long weeks of anticipation and day dreaming about motherhood, my baby boy is finally here!

The Stats:
Name: Grayson Ronald Thomas
Date: June 6th, 2014
Time: 10:00 am
Weight: 9lbs, 2oz
Height: 21 inches

I can’t believe my 5’2″ frame was able to hold such a big healthy boy!


I was fortunate enough to experience a relatively smooth pregnancy. Baby Gray was strong and healthy and though I was extremely uncomfortable, I was also healthy. In the last couple of weeks however, the doctor started hearing some irregularities in Grayson’s heartbeat. After continued monitoring we saw no improvement and after considering the options that were available to us we decided that it would be best to schedule a cesarean as soon as possible.


Three days before my due date we made our way to the hospital feeling a little nervous about our recent change of plans and the health of our son.


The experience was a bit overwhelming. My husband had to sit outside the O.R. while they numbed me up and as soon as they wheeled me in, things were moving so quickly. There were nurses and doctors buzzing around communicating information back and forth as the feeling in my legs melted away. It was my first time receiving anesthesia and I nearly passed out until the anesthesiologist gave me something to counteract the lightheadedness.

I was relieved to hear a familiar voice when they let my husband in and before we knew it the doctors were telling us what a big boy he was and how much hair he had. But the best part was hearing his cry. That first cry is such a comforting sound.


Though I didn’t get the immediate skin-to-skin contact I had hoped for when I was dreaming up my birth plan, I was able to hold Grayson for a moment before they took him and my husband back to the recovery room to be measured and weighed.


As soon as I was stitched back together we got our skin-to-skin contact and our first feeding. It all felt like a dream and I couldn’t believe I was staring at the beautiful boy I had just given birth to.


The first week of recovery was difficult for me because I’m not good at resting, but the pain and discomfort was strong enough to keep me in bed for a couple of days. Not being able to hop out of bed and soothe my baby when he cried was very frustrating for me. I don’t know what I would have done without my husband. By the time we left the hospital he was a pro diaper changer, swaddler and baby soother.


I cannot get enough of this perfect little guy. It has been difficult adjusting and recovering and dealing with postpartum emotions, but I have such an indescribable love for this baby and I live for getting to know him everyday.


I feel as though it has brought my husband and I closer together too. We make such a great team and though we both just want to crawl under a blanket and sleep for seven years right now, we are really getting the hang of this parenting thing hand in hand, one step at a time.

We share something pretty amazing now and for every challenge we experience, we enjoy a million more rewards.


XO, Tera

Handmade Swaddle Blanket Wraps

With a baby on the way (due in 3 weeks!) I’ve been reading a lot about babies. At the top of my reading list was The Happiest Baby on the Block. I’m hoping I have a happy, easy baby, but I’m preparing for a colicky boy. Swaddling is a huge topic in this book, so I decided I would make a couple of swaddle blanket wraps!


I made a doxie wrap and a super hero wrap and enjoyed making them so much that I added a couple to my shop. I’m going to make as many as I can in different patterns now. I really hope my little man loves his new swaddle wrap blankets so I can make him one for every occasion!


XO, Tera

Baby Boy Nursery Decor

I have been working on my baby’s nursery since I found out I was having a boy and we’re FINALLY finished!

I chose tiffany blue, gray/silver and brown (wood) as the color palette.


Because his name is Grayson, which happens to have a comic book reference (Dick Grayson is Nightwing/previously Robin), we framed a couple of Nightwing comics. Our son is a California baby so I had to buy this I Love You California print from 3 Fish Studios. My mom found the elephant head from FAO Schwarz and I gave him a handmade Totoro friend from Oliveoh.


The silver car was a random find at Ross, the concrete lamp is from Target and the piggy bank was made by my husband’s mom when he was a kid!


Our little nursing corner is complete with a faux cowhide rug, cuddly little lamb plush (a baby shower gift) and my perfect little glider that is so comfortable and just the right size.


The tree stump end table is the perfect touch for my baby’s man cave. The dump truck planter was made by me.


The center photo is of me when I was a toddler, the photo on the left is of my husband when he was a baby. The sonogram photo will be replaced with a newborn photo of Grayson when he gets here. The dragon was painted by my husband when I dragged him to a ceramic painting place one night and the tugboat pulling his initials was a staycation find we bought at the hotel we stayed in the night we got married.


We also added one of our engagement photos, some books I had when I was a kid and a toy I’ve had since I was born.


My friend from college made us this poster and it couldn’t be more perfect!!


His crib decorations include a custom quilt with his name on it (a baby shower gift from my girlfriends), one of our maternity photos, a custom piece from Kaelah of Clueless Girls Guide (it says, “you are our dream come true), a custom painting by @kiki_tattoos (instagram) and by Baby Jives cloud mobile.


What do you think?

XO, Tera