Baby Moccasins

I decided to make some baby moccasins for my little baby bear and I really hope they actually fit him.



XO, Tera

Nursing Staff Thank You Bags

I decided I wanted to give thank you bags to the nursing staff in labor and delivery after I have Grayson. During a recent hospital stay for a kidney infection I realized what a great job the nurses do for new mothers. I felt bad having them wait on me hand and foot!

I found the goodie bag idea on a few mommy blogs and knew I had to make some for our delivery team. I have the pleasure of being close friends with a NICU nurse who helped me come up with ideas for what to include in my thank you bags.


For the packaging we found these cute gift bags and sticker tags at Target.


Inside we included 1. coffee 2. cute hair ties 3. fun ankle socks (only $1.50!) 4. Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups 5. Snickers 6. gum 7. hand lotion

I hope they love their gifts and know how much we appreciate everything they will be doing for us when our baby comes. As first time parents we’re new to this whole labor thing so we will desperately need their expertise even if everything goes perfectly.

Have any mommies out there given nurses thank you gifts? What did you include?

XO, Tera

Baby Sandals

I’ve been so obsessed with baby crafting lately. I guess pregnancy will do that to you. I’ve been trying my hand at sewing baby booties lately.


I made these open toed sandals with some scrap fabric I had after finishing my friend’s baby quilt. I really loved the knotted bow and can’t wait to see them on her baby!


What do you think? Should I make more?

XO, Tera

Baby Heart Quilt

Back in 2009 I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. After the wedding I had my bridesmaid dress hanging in a closet in my mom and dad’s house for years. My parents used to inherit a lot of my “I have no room in my apartment” items, but now that I have a garage my dad sends me home with a box of these things every time I come over. Anyway, When she told me she was pregnant I was wishing and hoping it would be a girl because I had something special in mind for her.

Here’s a photo of the beautiful bride and me in the bridesmaid dress, and on the right is what I did with that bridesmaid dress. Now instead of the dress sitting in my closet, Carly has a fun keepsake from her wedding that she can wrap her baby girl in!


I just started quilting not too long ago so I don’t have a huge collection under my belt yet, but I think this quilt is my favorite so far (or it’s at least tied with the batman quilt I made for my son).


My friend now works as a scientist for the San Diego Zoo Safari Park so naturally I chose to use zoo animal fabric.


And for the back I chose a warm flannel fabric to match.


I really love quilts that have that wrinkly look after you wash them. Don’t know why exactly, but they seem cozier.

So what do you think? have you ever made anything from your bridesmaid dresses before? I’d love to see other fun ideas.

XO, Tera

Baby Shower Decorations: Diaper Cake


One of my closest friends had a baby shower over the weekend to celebrate the arrival of her baby girl in May. I volunteered to help out so my project was to make a diaper cake. I have never made a diaper cake before and I didn’t realize how much work they are!


I went on pinterest for some inspiration and drew up my ideas. I wanted her to be able to use virtually every piece of the cake so I decided I would make the base out of an infant tutu I made with three colors of tulle (sparkly pink, purple and teal). I covered the diapers with receiving blankets to mimic fondant. I wrapped a headband that matches her tutu around the top tier. The cake topper is made from onesie roses.


I sewed everything by hand so she can just cut the thread and use everything without any sticky residue from tape or glue. I suppose I could have also tried pins, but I wanted it to survive the drive without falling apart or stabbing anyone.

The cake was a hit at the shower and my friend loved it. I may not have an opportunity to make another one in the near future, but I had a lot of fun coming up with the design so if I get any requests I will certainly jump at the chance to make another one.

XO, Tera

Batman Baby Quilt

I want to make my baby a million quilts, BUUUUT since he doesn’t need that many quilts, I settled on this batman quilt instead.


I love how it turned out. I was pretty proud of myself :). This was the most intricate pattern I’ve finished so far.


I hope he loves all the bright colors and fun patterns.


I also made him a doggy rattle with some of the leftover material to match!


XO, Tera

Baby Boy Quilt

I absolutely love quilting for babies. I’ve been busy lately because not only am I pregnant, but two of my closest friends are also pregnant!


I made this quilt for one of my oldest friends in the world. She is also having a baby boy that’s due in April. Her nursery colors are green, yellow and blue so I tried to stick with those colors. I used some scraps I bought from etsy a while back and I was so excited to finally get to use them!


For the back I found this cute flannel fabric that says, “I Love Mommy. I Love Daddy”. It’s so soft and will keep her little angel warm up in San Luis Obispo!


I also used faux suede material for the outer border to keep the front side soft too. I gave it to her at her shower and her reaction was all I’d hoped for. She was thrilled.

XO, Tera

Dear Grayson: 28 Weeks


28 Weeks of pregnancy. It’s hard to believe there are only 12 weeks left until I get to see baby Grayson. I watch my belly move as he twists and turns and kicks his little heart out and I’m so grateful that I get to be his mom. I have never wanted anything in this world more than I’ve wanted motherhood and my baby boy is almost here!


I read an article recently about being grateful and not complaining about pregnancy. While I understand the sentiment behind the post, I have to say I do not fully agree. I do not think that complaining means I’m ungrateful. Pregnancy is tough. It’s hard on your body, it’s difficult emotionally and though I believe that creating life is a beautiful thing, I’ve struggled through it.

Some days it takes all of my willpower just to get out of bed and go to work and I’m finding it difficult to move around now. My feet are swollen, so I bought a few pairs of ultra comfortable shoes to alleviate the pain. Simple things like sewing make my back ache for days, so I’ve been allowing myself to take breaks even though all I want to do is baby craft in my free time. Sometimes I feel as if I have no control over my emotions and pregnancy brain makes it difficult for me to focus.

I think women are made to feel as though they are not allowed to tell the truth about the difficulties of pregnancy. We’re just supposed to smile and talk about what a miracle it is or we’re perceived as ungrateful, emotional wrecks. The truth is, it’s dangerous to keep our mouths shut about the pains we experience. If we feel uncomfortable telling the truth, we could be ignoring warning signs we didn’t know were warning signs.


That being said, every wrestles night, every achy muscle or bone, every moment I lost control of my emotions or didn’t feel like myself has been worth being a mother to a healthy and happy baby and I would never ever change it for the world.

To capture this special moment in our lives, Ryan and I took some maternity photos a couple weeks ago and in true Tera and Ryan fashion, we had to do some goofy photos too.


What were meant to be goofy, harmless photos that showcase one of our common interests, have been getting some judgmental comments from friends and family. I cannot say I’m surprised one bit. I know there is a myth that horror fans make terrible parents, but all I have to say is that we will raise our son with love, compassion, understanding and encouragement. We will teach him to accept and respect everyone he meets (even if they don’t return the same courtesy), to seek knowledge, to work hard and to do what he loves with passion and curiosity. And if that makes us terrible parents then so be it.

I love you, Gray Gray. See you in 12 weeks.

XO, Tera

Nursery Inspiration

Putting together Grayson’s nursery has been so fun for me. I love decorating and I love imagining  him sleeping in his little crib. Sometimes I just sit in his room and daydream about what our new life will be like.

When I found out we were having a boy I decided I wanted to decorate his nursery similar to how I decorated Ryan’s man den. I definitely didn’t want anything too themey for my little man and I had a lot of fun browsing pinterest for inspiration, gathering random finds while out and about and shopping for cribs.

The colors I chose seem to be popular this year which means we have good taste, I suppose ;). I didn’t want to do baby blue since we recently chose a similar color for our bathroom, so I opted for a teal blue and gray. Here’s the inspiration board I came up with!


1. Crib Bumper – Target // 2. Crib Sheets – Target // 3. Pendant Lamp – West Elm // 4. Stuffed Elephant Head – FAO Shwartz // 5. Nightwing Comic Book Art – Local Comic Store // 6. I Love You California Print – 3 Fish Studios // 7. Mini Globe – Home Decorators Collection // 8. Conversion Crib – Baby Appleseed Davenport Collection // 9. Glider – Little Castle // 10. Cowhide Rug – Vanillawood // 11. Dresser/Changer – Baby Appleseed Davenport Collection

I know I still have 20 more weeks before we meet our son, but we’re almost finished setting up his room. I am so happy with the way it’s looking so far. Everyone keeps telling me, “you know he’s just a baby and won’t even care what his room looks like”. But I do care and this may be the only opportunity I get to decorate his room the way I like it before he gets to choose what he wants so I am soaking it all in and enjoying my nesting process.

XO, Tera Sue

Looking Back at 2013

2013 has been the most amazing year of my life. It started with the purchase of our first home.


I never thought my first home would be so nice. I always imagined I would have to start with a fixer upper and pour many hours of labor and many hard earned dollars into it to create what we wanted in a home, but our house was perfect for us. Though we’re nowhere near finished with decorating and making it our own, we have enjoyed almost every minute of being homeowners (aside from the burst pipe under the concrete of our garage).


We welcomed two new members into our family! Elvira and Denali. Our sweet, spoiled, bratty little dogs mean the world to us.

happy-dog dachshund-elvira

Next stop on our amazing journey was our wedding. We spent the better part of a year planning, crafting and stressing, but on May 18, I was cool as a cucumber as I anxiously waited to walk down the aisle to marry my favorite person.


Our honeymoon was amazing. Taking a week to spend every waking moment with my HUSBAND was so fun. We were on cloud nine, wearing our Mr. & Mrs. Disney sweaters and cruising to Mexico and Catalina.


Three months after our wedding, we found out that I was pregnant and we were elated! We knew we wanted to become parents right away and couldn’t believe our luck when we saw those two little blue lines on the home pregnancy test. When we saw our baby (who at the time resembled a little grain of rice) we looked at each other and choked back tears.


Honesty time: pregnancy has not been fun for me. I have been beyond tired, moody (poor Ryan) and sick like I’ve never been before. I kept waiting for the magical second trimester everyone talks about, but it wasn’t coming. I was still throwing up, still tired, still on an emotional roller coaster and I felt cheated! I wanted that pregnancy glow! But during our gender reveal I felt the same excitement we felt when I took the home test. Our little baby cooperated very well for the ultrasound technician and proudly displayed his gender. He was without a doubt my little boy. After that I felt a stronger connection with our baby and suddenly didn’t feel quite as sick as I had before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still exhausted and moody and my back is starting to hurt, but daydreaming about my baby boy is much more fun than daydreaming about a tiny androgynous blobby growing in my belly. It actually feels real now! We can call him by his name; Grayson Ronald Thomas.

it's a boy

Grayson has been a very active baby in every one of our ultrasound visits. He’s constantly flipping and jumping and dancing. Truth be told, I’m a little nervous that he is going to be a handful, but all the baby wrangling will keep me in shape, right?

baby and mama

This year Ryan and I also shared many other happy moments, like when Ryan signed a deal to have his book (The Summer I Died) made into a movie, I learned that two of my best friends are also having babies just weeks ahead of me, we modeled for a fun photo shoot where I went into the pool in my wedding dress, I made some fun things and got to see some of those things in a magazine for the first time, and a crap load more.

We also had some rough moments, like when I had to make the difficult decision to quit my job due to an office relocation. Luckily I was able to find another opportunity closer to home so it wasn’t all bad in the end.


In a handful of days we will be welcoming 2014 which is likely going to be another great year because we will have the pleasure of meeting our sweet Grayson (who just gave me a little kick as I was typing that). I can’t wait to see him grow and learn and to see Ryan as a daddy. I’m getting teary eyed just thinking about it. So as I say goodbye, I also want to thank 2013 for giving me everything I’ve ever wanted.

XO, Tera