A Guide To Buying Your First Latex Clothing

Blog / Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

The latex material is a mixture of water and a milky white substance that lurks inside thin strips of barks of rubber trees in South America. Its initial use was for raincoats, but it quickly became a popular choice for other types of clothing and accessories. Nowadays, it’s synonymous with one-piece catsuits, which are common in the BDSM community. Yet, other people wear it too, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t either.


This form of synthetic rubber is a regular at fashion shows across all continents. Both pop stars and celebrities have it in their wardrobes, including the Kardashians and Lady Gaga. People associate it with sex wear due to its use in the mentioned fetish. As such, it’s harder to put on and go about your everyday activities without someone commenting on it. But it’s still possible to pair it with other clothing and look both stylish and sexy at the same time.


Endless Latex Clothing Options: Which One Is for You?

Despite common belief, latex production doesn’t just revolve around making bondage costumes. There’s way more variety to it. So, before we include some fashion tips, why don’t we list some clothing options this material offers?


  • Bodysuits: Also known as onesies or catsuits, bodysuits are probably the most popular type of clothing when it comes to latex. These are one-piece suits that include numerous designs. Still, all of them emphasize your body’s silhouette, putting an accent on your booty, waist, and breasts.


  • Leotards: Another standard latex garment is the leotard. Similar to those that ballerinas wear, latex leotards cover the torso while the arms and legs remain free. People pair them with fishnets, long-sleeve gloves, and shiny boots. These combinations are common for pop stars like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.


  • Accessories: Since we’ve mentioned gloves and fishnets, we must discuss latex add-ons. Besides onesies and dresses, fashion brands offer stylish latex gloves, headwear, stockings, and even boots to complete your shiny look. You can also wear them with other clothes, which makes them great for everyday use.

Tips In Choosing Your Latex Clothing

Before you rush to purchase a piece of latex garment, it’s essential to know exactly what you’re about to spend your hard-earned money on. By this, we mean that you should consider its quality, price, design, and, if buying online, reviews.


The quality aspect of buying a latex dress is important. Aside from it telling you how long your new outfit will last, it will also determine safety. Unfortunately, rubber products can cause a latex allergy, and better quality means a lower risk of irritating your skin.


Price is yet another significant characteristic. You can find budget-friendly options online, but most of them will fail the quality test. Therefore, we suggest that you don’t buy cheap, and instead save money over time and spend it on something high-end like the ones from https://laidtex.com, with fantastic trust reviews.


Both the price and quality don’t mean a thing if a latex outfit doesn’t have a cool design. The way something looks is what most people consider indispensable. And we can’t blame them. After all, you want it to improve your appearance. So, keep looks in mind as well.


Lastly, we need to mention reviews. Today, most people shop online, and that’s great. But there’s one catch. When ordering online, they can’t try things on, so they end up with products they can’t use. As such, don’t skip other people’s reviews when buying latex.

What’s the Right Size for You?

Although we’ve mentioned tips for choosing latex clothing, we haven’t talked about the most important one. Latex is a great fashion choice, but it has certain downsides. One such is that it only works its magic if you wear the perfect size. Going up and down doesn’t work, as one is dangerous, and the other just looks awful.


Namely, latex isn’t the most comfortable to wear if it’s too tight. Unlike other types of rubber, it won’t be kind to your skin as there won’t be any air coming through. That can cause you to overheat, feel like you’re trapped, and generally experience uncomfortable. However, going a size or two up just to be safe won’t work either.


The whole point of latex clothing is to emphasize your curves. From your breasts to your hips and booty, a latex onesie will make sure you look cool and sexy as fudge. But if you put on something oversize, well, you’ll both feel and look like a used condom, which isn’t a great look, right? So, keep it exactly at your size.

What Should You Avoid?

Even if we’re full of praise for latex clothing, we must be responsible. Some garments aren’t for inexperienced people, say, latex face masks. The reason is simple — due to their tight nature, it’s easy for people to have trouble breathing while wearing them. All this can, unfortunately, lead to asphyxiation and, in turn, death.


Asphyxiation is just a fancy word for choking. Sure enough, some men and women enjoy playing around with it during sex. Nevertheless, for it to be safe, you need to have safety in mind. That means having an exit strategy or participating in sexual asphyxiation with someone who you can fully trust.

Enjoy Your Latex Clothing

Regardless of which type of latex clothing you choose, you should have fun with it. Be it by wearing it in everyday combinations, paired with regular outfits, or in bed while role-playing with your partner, it should be a blast.


There’s just something special about latex that words can’t describe. It’s shiny, it’s tight, but most importantly, it’s provocative. Wearing it sets you apart from others. No matter how good they look or stylish they dress, you’ll top them with ease.


If you’re into kinks and fetishes, a latex costume can up your sex game by a mile. It can help you try new things, including BDSM scenarios. With it, you’ll look like a real Dom or sub, depending on your preferences.


But to enjoy latex, we once again recommend that you keep a close eye on the previously mentioned. From size and design to quality and price, all these factors need to work together so that you can enjoy your new latex costume.