Why straight men should use butt plugs

Blog / Friday, October 1st, 2021

The relationship between straight men and sex toys is a convoluted one. Some men are quick to brag about their collections, while others keep it on the down-low. However, no matter how straight men talk (or don’t talk) about their toys, there’s usually one topic they stay away from — anal stimulation.

Anal sex and butt play, in general, is something most straight guys only experience on the giving end. That’s a real shame considering just how pleasurable the catcher position can be. But fighting stigma and societal judgment isn’t easy. Today we ask ourselves, can society just leave straight guys alone and let them shove butt plugs up their rears in peace?

If you’re still on the fence about anal penetration and playing with your backdoor honeypot, here are a few tips on why and how you should do it. Because you definitely should. 

Who uses butt plugs

In theory, everyone should. It’s fun, pleasurable, and a sexual experience no one should miss out on. However, butt plugs usually only find their way into shopping carts of women and gay men (or men of sexual orientations that aren’t straight). 

Why? Because straight men have a lot of anxiety that comes with putting something back there. They know it feels good (it actually feels great), but some think that anal play might somehow ruin their stellar reputation of being straight. So they bypass the entire section of anal toys, stay away from butt plugs, and avoid any and all prostate massagers.

In general, butt plugs have two distinct functions. You can use them as a prep for anal sex, or you can use them as stand-alone toys that will bring you pleasure. Women and men who aren’t straight have no fears that either of these functions will end up with their partners or other people questioning their sexuality, which is why they freely use them.

But here’s the thing. Using butt plugs has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with pleasure. Sure, butt play isn’t for everyone. Some men simply don’t enjoy it because it’s not their thing. But many men are actually missing out on it for no reason.

What are straight men missing out on exactly?

In two words — otherworldly pleasure. Sex for straight men is pretty straightforward. What’s more, it’s also pretty much exclusively good. Men don’t have as hard a time reaching orgasm as women do.

However, as fantastic as orgasms are, they can get better. A prostate orgasm or an orgasm that comes from prostate stimulation is something you have to experience to believe. And, experiencing the first prostate orgasm is an adventure every man remembers for years to come. For those daring to explore further, incorporating urethral sounds into their play can introduce an exhilarating element of sensation, pushing the boundaries of pleasure to new heights.


The most common misconception about anal play is that it’s painful. When done right, anal is anything but painful. What’s more, anal play doesn’t always have to include penetration (which is, coincidentally, the step most straight men have an issue with). The anus, as well as the surrounding region, has a lot of nerve endings. Stimulating them even in the gentlest of ways can change the way you experience sex.

So straight men are missing out on a lot by staying away from anal. Butt plugs and anal beads are ideal toys to start exploring anal play with. They come in all sizes (even the tiniest imaginable one) and are a perfect choice for guys who want to spice up their solo or partnered play. 

Different types of butt plugs for men

Although butt plugs are a fun-for-all toy of toys, some are specifically men-friendly. Because nature decided to put the center of all pleasure about 4 inches up the rectum, not all butt plugs are a good fit for butt play (for straight men). 

Typically, butt plugs designed to stimulate the prostate are best sellers. The reason for that is quite obvious — straight men usually don’t use butt plugs as a prep for anal sex, so they need a toy that will do the job for them.

However, the pleasure will depend on the style and shape that fit their type of action. Vibrating butt plugs that resemble bullet vibrators are a hit among straight dudes. They aren’t too big and intimidating, and they offer versatility.

Men usually opt for the silicone butt plugs with remote control because those are a double whammy. You can use them both for solo play (and have your hands free to play with your cock) and partnered play. Giving your partner such control over your pleasure is a huge turn-on for both parties, which is why many couples own a couple of these bad boys.

Of course, standard silicone toys or even stainless steel butt plugs are also popular choices. Not everyone enjoys vibrations (some men have extremely sensitive prostates that simply don’t play well with excessive stimulation).

Sex tricks when using butt plugs

Butt plugs practically rule the sex toy market because of their versatility. Aside from there being a ton of different types you can use, you can also use them in different ways

For example, straight men can use butt plugs to bring pleasure to their partners. Vaginal sex feels even better with a little something-something up the rear. 

Alternatively, men can let their partners up their fellatio game by putting a plug up their asses. Blow jobs feel infinitely better when you’re getting stimulated from all sides. What’s more, so does good, old-fashioned penetration.

In other words, butt plugs allow you to explore sex and relationship intimacy in more ways than one. 

The Aftercare process

Using butt plugs isn’t a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am situation. There’s more to aftercare than just cleaning the toys (although that’s extremely important).

After butt play, it’s essential that you clean the toys, yourself, and your partner. You can use wet wipes or jump in the shower. Shower together or alone, depending on what you like and who you play with. 

More importantly, if you’re using butt plugs during partnered play, it’s vital that you check in with your partner after it. Butt plugs will only bring you pleasure if you use them right. That means communicating with your partner about likes and dislikes before, during, and after anal sex. 

Does this mean I’m gay?

In case we haven’t made it clear by now — no. Using butt plugs and engaging in any form of anal play doesn’t change your sexuality. A five-or-so-inch toy doesn’t have the power to change who you’re attracted to. 

What’s more, you’re also the only one who can declare or say anything about your own sexuality. Liking anal play doesn’t automatically make you gay. All men can enjoy having their ass fiddled with without judgment. After all, it’s such a great way to spice up your sex life that it’s a shame to miss out on it.

So using butt plugs doesn’t mean you’re gay. It just means you’re ready and willing to embrace all forms of pleasure your body has to offer. So if butt plugs have always been a dream of yours, go chase it!