Verifying that you are in your video

  • Videos are only eligible for earnings if they are verified during the upload process and if you have uploaded the IDs for each performer visible (regardless of whether or not you can see their face).  
  • If you forgot to verify your video during the upload process, contact us or email us the link.


How Do I Change My Username?

  • If you wish to change your username, you can do so in your user settings once a month (under your email and password section) or you can contact us for assistance. 


How Do I Change The Gender Of My Account?

  • If you would like to change your gender after you have been verified, you will need to contact us who will walk you through updating your verification image and changing your gender.


How Do I Reset My Password?

  • If you need to reset or change your password, you can do so in your user settings or you can contact us with your username, new password and a verification image in order to confirm your identity!


How Much Money Will I Make?

  • In the Model Payment Program, you are paid a percentage of the ad revenue made on your verified videos. The percentage of your payout is dependent on the performance (views and rating) of your video. Check your earnings tab often to track your earnings!


Note: You must be logged in to access your earnings tab. 

For an example, the average RPM for 2017 was $0.69, compared to $0.62 in 2016.