Who We Are

We are a group of friends who met at one of our college parties a few years back. Not knowing each other’s background, we just clicked and started spending more time with each other. It was only after one of us started opening up about how he still missed his ex that we found out that some of us had the same emotional burden that we carry.

We took it as a challenge to help some of our friends get back to their exes, and jokingly set up a plan that we all need to execute to achieve the goal. As stupid as it may sound, we formulated text messages, set up some dates, and the girls even went shopping for new clothes. The plan was not always successful, but it was amazing to put collective effort into one goal.

One day, we thought that some people out there might actually have the same dilemma and that we can use the same passion to share what worked, and what did not when it comes to getting back to your exes hence terasue.com was born.

Until today, we still brainstorm, listen to our readers’ success stories, and share own experiences to keep Terasue.com as updated as possible for our readers’ benefits.

Terasue.com is now a community of thousands of readers who share the story of success and failure. Hang on tight, and we will get you there!