Why straight men should use butt plugs


The relationship between straight men and sex toys is a convoluted one. Some men are quick to brag about their collections, while others keep it on the down-low. However, no matter how straight men talk (or don’t talk) about their

October 1, 2021

Uncovering Men’s Pleasure with Urethral Sound


The slender, rod-shaped love toys were unknown to most customers until then. But dilators are so much more than just toys. Clearly, they are also small pleasure donors, but dilators are also often used for therapeutic purposes. When the vagina …

July 5, 2019

How Ben Wa Balls Help Your Vagina Muscles


The vaginal balls are filled with positive virtues: they increase the libido, gently stimulate the vaginal walls thanks to the weights they contain in the case of Chinese balls, strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor the famous Kegel exercises, …

June 25, 2019