Yoni Eggs Are The Weight Training For Your Vagina

Blog / Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019

Love balls, also known as balls or love beads, are a pleasurable and easy-to-use sex toys for women. Here are some useful tips for using the little sextoy.

Love Balls to Stimulate and Strengthen the Pelvic Floor

Love balls are small balls that are inserted into the vagina and are there to act both sexually stimulating and strengthening in terms of the pelvic floor muscles. The love beads are pushed like a tampon in the direction of the cervix. Normally, the sex toys are worn in everyday life and not necessarily during lovemaking.

Classic love balls are two or more hollow balls attached to a string, each containing a heavier metal ball inside. Natural movements in everyday life create pleasant vibrations in the abdomen – but stimulation is rarely enough for an orgasm. There are countless variations of love balls, which differ among other things in size, shape and number of balls. Some have battery-powered vibrators inside to boost agitation.

This Is How Love Balls Work

The thought behind the love balls is actually different. Although it is nice when the vibrations feel good and increase the desire of the woman, actually the sex toy is a kind of training device. Because of the movements, the pelvic floor is animated to make an effort to keep the balls inside. The best: You do not even have to work hard, your muscles take over the work all by itself. You can finally celebrate the successes in bed. The woman looks closely; it creates more friction and the likelihood of orgasm to get increases. You get the best deal when you go for the products from Yonieggs.co.

Tips for Using the Sextoy

After you have introduced the love balls vaginally, they usually stop by themselves. If you have difficulties with this, you can help out with some lubricant. Make sure the drawstring is always within easy reach, just like a tampon, so you can easily remove the love beads. Hygiene is very important for love balls. Before and after use, you should always clean them thoroughly. Warm water and soap are usually sufficient for this. Tip: Especially easy to handle and easy to clean are silicone love balls.

Use of love balls: Optimal sex pleasure for him and her

Something more advanced: The Master Series Gray Titanic Extreme Steel Orgasm Ball’s love balls, which however require a trained pelvic floor (Photo: Amazon.de).

The lust balls with stimulating inner life (in the balls is a second, smaller ball) are simply inserted into the vagina. As a result of the movement, the balls roll back and forth, begin to vibrate, and thus provide intense pleasure showers. Applying the balls daily, they provide targeted muscle control for deeper sensations and intense orgasms.

Pelvic floor training with geisha balls: Training for your love muscle

Women who use the PC muscle during sex increase the excitability of their clitoris and are able to hold the penis of the man inside and hold tight. A sex practice that gives the partner the highest pleasure. Not for nothing the PC muscle is also called love muscle, because it controls the orgasm ability and the pleasure sensation. Love balls are available in many variants and materials. Made of hard metal, soft silicone or supple plastic.

Training the pelvic floor after birth when to start?

Many women ask about pregnancy and childbirth, how to exercise the pelvic floor muscles well (why read here!). What many do not know: little joy balls are not just for erotic and lust. They are very effective aids for pelvic floor exercises. The pelvic floor, which has been subjected to great stress through pregnancy and childbirth, is properly trained by the stimulation with the Smart balls. But when should women best start with this pelvic floor workout?

After the birth, the newly mum should wait with the pleasure ball exercises until the weekly flow has dried up (which lasts about four to six weeks) and any injuries from birth or an episiotomy have healed. The lust balls are made of smooth material such as silicone and can be easily inserted. A lubrication gel can also be used to aid in making the vaginal balls easier to insert.

How long should the balls of orgasm remain in the vagina?

One thing is clear: lying down or sitting, a love ball does not achieve a training effect. The exercises are performed standing or walking when the muscles of the vagina involuntarily try to hold the love balls. If you have chosen the Joy balls with an extra bullet inside, you get a vibration which stimulates the pelvic floor and with a little luck also the G-spot.

Regular training with the love balls provides more fun during sex, as a trained vaginal muscle during the act can hold the penis and massage. The women come so easily to orgasm! At the same time, this sex toy ensures that a woman does not have to deal with problems such as a flabby pelvic floor and the consequences such as incontinence and loss of urine. A pelvic floor weakness many women notice after birth because they can no longer hold the urine while jogging. In this case, the training is definitely recommended.

Conclusion:  love balls are sextoys of a special kind. After all, they are not used in lovemaking in itself, but in cleaning or other everyday situations. The beads are inserted into the vagina and begin to vibrate easily when moved. This stimulates, but is often not enough for an orgasm. Nevertheless, the pleasure balls increase the likelihood of peaking during sex, as the pelvic floor is strengthened by the use.

Often the Joy balls are delivered with additional balls inside that cause vibration when moving. This effect will make some women even when wearing simple pleasurable sensations, when the vibrations hit the G-spot (how to find the way, shows this video)! But what every woman realizes is an increase in pleasure during sex. This applies both to the woman herself and to her partner. A trained vagina is not only easier to orgasm, it also gives the partner great pleasure.

What the right love balls are, every woman has to find out for herself. Standard are two balls with an average of 3.5 cm in diameter and about 70 grams in weight. These are the measurements that most women can handle well. Some couples also engage the balls into lovemaking … a delightful idea, as we find