How Ben Wa Balls Help Your Vagina Muscles

Blog / Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

The vaginal balls are filled with positive virtues: they increase the libido, gently stimulate the vaginal walls thanks to the weights they contain in the case of Chinese balls, strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor the famous Kegel exercises, improve vaginal elasticity, prevent or cure incontinence due to effort, offer the possibility of having better orgasms and increase vaginal sensations during penetration constrict the vaginal walls. Let’s check out the string Ben Wa Balls reviews.

The reality concerning Chinese balls

Although the idea of having an orgasm in all discretion, without even having to touch, is very attractive, the myth that the wearing of balls can lead to intense pleasure or orgasm is – unfortunately – often wrong! Even if a minority of women can, by carrying balls, stimulate them until orgasm, it is quite different for the vast majority of them. Usually, the free weights contained in Chinese balls move and stimulate the vagina slightly, but are not too intense for daily activities.

And once the balls are inserted, can they stay in the upper part of the vagina? No, since the cervix protects the vital organs, and its opening is usually 3 or 4 mm in diameter. If the muscles around the vagina hold the balls indoors for any reason, it would be enough to relax, for example, by taking a bath; they would then go down to the vaginal entrance. In addition, the sheaths (strings) at the base of the balls are specially designed to facilitate their removal.

The different types

There are two types of vaginal balls: Japanese and Chinese. These contain a weight and provide a pleasant feeling of “knocking” when moving the pelvis. Wearing Chinese balls is an excellent preliminary to sex, as they stimulate the vagina gently and subtly, in addition to stimulating natural lubrication. They can also make monotonous activities much more enjoyable! Imagine climbing several steps while each effort is rewarded with a naughty sensation.

As for Japanese balls, they are smaller and “full”, that is, they do not contain free weight that knocks on the inside. They are sometimes called “geisha beads”. They train the vaginal muscles more intensively and require a greater retention force; otherwise they can slip out of the vagina. Japanese balls are often worn after training the muscles with Chinese balls, as a second step in Kegel exercises.

Choose the balls

Like any type of “erotic” accessory, there is a multitude of models, sizes and prices of vaginal balls. So, some are much bigger than others. Since every woman is different, one must often rely on one’s instinct or past experience with vaginal balls to make a decision about the right size. There are collections of loveballs sold online that you can choose from.

If you’re not sure, try the Chinese balls from Adore U that are medium in size. They are super quiet, comfortable and made of a low porosity elastomeric, which facilitates their maintenance.

Despite their low price, some other vaginal balls are less recommended due to their retraction cord made of nylon; they are therefore more difficult to clean and less hygienic.

Start the exercises

It is important to wear the vaginal balls for the very first time in a place where you can remove or replace them. Insert the balls are like a stamp: you can adopt the position that seems most comfortable, whether it is squatting, sitting, or lying on your back. The lower part of the balls (when they are double) is about 2 cm from the vaginal entrance.

At first, it is possible that you feel the balls go down constantly, as if they were going to be expelled from the vagina. This is normal, since the muscles are not trained enough to keep them inside. Eventually, they will be strong enough to retain them more easily.

As for the frequency of use, at the very beginning, you can wear them for about thirty minutes a day, to get used to it. However, if you are immediately comfortable, do not hesitate to wear them for several hours in a row, at least four days a week. Remember that it is by exercising regularly your muscles that you will see real results!


Be sure to properly clean the balls with a specially designed toy cleaner, such as the natural or aloe formula of the Adore U range, before and after each use. Also, if wearing the vaginal balls seems uncomfortable, it may be that the balls have been inserted too far or too close to the vaginal entrance. Try to reinsert them properly.

Other questions

For any other question, do not hesitate to chat with one of our friendly advisers. Do not be embarrassed to tell them of your concerns; they are friendly, discreet and concerned about your well-being.

Geisha balls are small balls invented long ago for women with soft perineum like an old slug, to satisfy their cohabitants’ hard zizi.  Good also to multiply the pleasure of women but at the time we fought the boobs.

It’s not blue for boys and pink for girls because in 2016 we know we do what we want with colors, it is that roses weigh 28 grams each and blue 37 grams.

The roses are smaller so for the beginning, then when you have the impression to have worked well with the roses you go to blue, heavier and less easy to “bear” if you do not have the perineum exercised, or we did not have children. In the ball there is a ball that sends vibrations to each movement or contraction.

The insertion process is simple, we insert them!

A little lubricant, we chose its ball size, we install them in the white link, and we enter them one by one with softness and delicacy.

In principle we should keep them around 30 minutes doing contraction exercises, or longer, if we keep them to live his normal life. Like you put them in the morning, you go get bread with, you go to work, and you remove them whenever you want. Should not keep them every day I think, the perineum should also rest, like your granny.