Uncovering Men’s Pleasure with Urethral Sound

Blog / Friday, July 5th, 2019

The slender, rod-shaped love toys were unknown to most customers until then. But dilators are so much more than just toys. Clearly, they are also small pleasure donors, but dilators are also often used for therapeutic purposes. When the vagina is narrowed, a dilator can help stretch and prepare for sexual intercourse. For example, painful vaginismus can be overcome. Here is the introduction to urethral play for beginners.

What exactly can your new best friend do?

If you have vaginismus or if you have more pain during intercourse, a dilator can help you to permanently reduce your problems. Often pain also arises because the head does not play along. A dilator can help with relaxation and help you regain confidence in your body and your sexuality. Maybe you are cramping fast during sexual intercourse? Even then, a dilator can help you to regain the joy of sexuality.

What is the distinguishing feature of an Inspire dilator?

Inspire introduces dilators in different variants. Size, material and color depend largely on your own preferences. Many dilators are made of metal and are reminiscent of hospitals. In order to enjoy your sexuality again, you should not see it as a medical problem. It’s about relaxing and rejoicing in your femininity, your lust and your sexuality. That’s why you’ll find unique set from the Inspire line. The colors are stylish and simple, the surface is made of silky soft silicone and the ergonomic shape follows the course of the vagina. All dilators have a practical handle, which makes the handling particularly uncomplicated. Urethral dilatation can be performed in different ways in male and female patients.

The goal is to increase the diameter of the urethra permanently and often to allow the use of catheters with a larger diameter. Also to increase the penetration capacity of the urethra, the dilation is used. Increasing the ability to inject and ejaculate in men may be the target of a urethra dilatation. Dilatation to the prostate is required to dilate the narrowed urethra and provide less resistance to ejaculation.

Often the entrance to the urethra is very narrow, especially in the man on the glands at the transition into the urethral swelling body. But even with the woman one is used in frequent bladder infections, for training the bladder sphincter and for permanent expansion to facilitate the permanent catheterization.

Technique of urethral dilatation

A lubricant is introduced into the urethra. Then, with the smallest optically fitting dilator inserted into the urethra, as deep as it is necessary. If the dilator slides out of the urethra by itself, the next size is introduced.

If the dilator no longer slides out of the urethra by itself, the dilator is left in the urethra for a few minutes so that the urethra has some time to get used to it. In this case, the dilator is easily turned back and forth and pushed.

Then, with gentle pressure, slowly insert the next size and observe the patient’s response. Likewise, the dilator is left again for some time and moved.

This is continued until a diameter is reached which the urethra cannot yet absorb. Then again the largest possible dilator is inserted and moved for several minutes in the urethra. By regular dilatation, the diameter of the urethra can be increased by several millimeters.

Before you buy Dilator, you should know what these things are originally used for. As a rule, boogies serve to dilate the existing or artificial body openings. As a sex toy, they serve more as a dildo for these openings. This sex toy is very little known among men because it takes a bit of practice to use it properly.

But the Boogie gives the man a special feeling of stimulation, which they cannot get with any other sex toys. So get married and, if you have studied a sex toy for dilator decide. In the selection, but also in the operation of a dilator counselors can be helpful, as he explains step by step the application, but also the peculiarities of the model. Before it starts live, you should do a dilator test for yourself and get used to the device slowly.

Dilators Bestsellers

For all erotic fans we have here the dilators bestsellers at a glance. These dilators have usually ordered many other buyers and often rated them well. Thus, these give a helpful clue to your own choice. However, look again in the product listing, because it can creep in other articles that fit the term dilators and will spend. Enrich your erotic paradise at home with a good dilator for more fun during sex.

What is a dilator? What is the difference with a vibrator?

A dilator is an oblong plastic cone, specifically made for sexual rehabilitation. A vibrator is a sex toy, and therefore primarily manufactured for sex games. The main difference with a vibrator is that the dilator is not vibrating. In addition, their appearance is different: some vibrators look like dilators, but many models are much more “realistic” than dilators. There are many models, colors, sex-toy textures. Vibration allows vibrators to help relax the muscles and this stimulation can give pleasure, thus promoting relaxation.

I find the price high, is it really worth buying these kits?

The price may seem high, but do not forget that this kit contains several different dilators: if you buy as many vibrators of different diameters, the price would be equivalent. It’s up to you to see if this purchase is valid for you: if, for example, you are already doing exercises with sex toys similar in size to the first two dilators, then it may be better for you to buy a sex toy of diameter. Higher than those you have to continue your exercises. Also know that the association can help you reduce the cost of this purchase.

Is the parcel discreet? What is the delivery delay?

Yes, the package is very discreet: it has no distinctive sign; no one can guess the content. The delivery time is relatively fast: from a few days to a week.

How to maintain dilators? Should we sterilize them?

Dilators can be sterilized by soaking them in boiling water for about ten minutes. However, sterilization is not mandatory: just wash them well with hot water and soap and dry well after each use.

Which lubricant to use? Am I obliged to use the one supplied with the kit?

You can use the lubricant you want: the one in the kit, or any other lubricant that’s right for you. You can also use jojoba oil. But be careful; remember that this oil is incompatible with condoms.

One final question: are you as crazy as I am? Then buy these penis sounding toys.