How to take care for sex toys and store them

Blog / Thursday, February 28th, 2019

How to clean your sex toys? This is a very delicate topic, which means that we need to approach it seriously and comprehensively. Before you are ready to buy such things, make sure that you have a suitable place to store them, because it must be cool, separate, protected from dirt, dust, dry and inaccessible to children and animals. Before sending an intimate thing to the place of storage, you must always remove the batteries.

When do I need to change intimate toys?

Not a single thing, much less a toy, can be durable. However, first of all it all depends on how often you use it. And when the time comes to purchase a new toy, you will be prompted by your feelings. You need to say goodbye to a toy if:

  • A crack appeared on the battery case;
  • The mechanical features of the toy cease or become weaker and cannot be restored even after you change the batteries;
  • The material with which the object is coated deteriorates, begins to become covered with mold or dirt;
  • Vinyl, acrylic or plastic products appeared to be damaged and cracked.

The more often we use a toy, the faster it needs to be changed, because it is erased. It can be used for two months, but it can also be a year. Very much depends on the material from which the toy is made. Always replace toys on time; otherwise your sensitive friend can bring discomfort.

How to clean sex toys?

Each toy should be cleaned regularly, so you can maintain the integrity of the material. Before first use and after each use, toys need to be washed. When cleaning, make sure that detergent and water do not get into the electrical parts and on the battery cartridges. The best and safest way of washing a sex toy is an antibacterial detergent. There is a substance that is compatible with any materials from which perform intimate toys, and moreover, kills all germs. It is necessary to dissolve it in water and wash the toy with a cloth moistened with this water, then rinse and wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth or dry paper towel. You can also use this solution in cleaning your chastity cage for maintaining relationships, and your hot and sex urethral plugs.

How to clean toys from different materials?

If your toy is made of silicone, then it is easiest to clean it. Penises and other silicone toys, in which net battery, boil for a couple of minutes, and then wash with soap and water. Silicone toys do not have electrical components. Wipe the item with a dry towel or air dry. If your toy is made of glass, acrylic or plastic, then use warm water and antibacterial soap, and if there is no such, then disinfect the object with a cotton swab and alcohol solution, then rinse. Glass and acrylic toys without battery power can be boiled or just dropped for a few minutes in hot water.

Products made of gel, latex and rubber are very porous, and so you need to make sure that they are well washed in warm water with antibacterial soap. There should be soap marks on the toy, because you may have irritation because of this. To protect such toys from contamination, it is best to use a condom during application.

If your toy is made of such type of material as Realistic, then carefully read the instructions, inspect the packaging or contact a representative of the company. This material is widely used for mounting sleeves and masturbation rings, as well as penises and vibrators. For such products hot water is not suitable, so it must be washed with warm water and antibacterial agent. When the toy is dry, treat it with a special agent, for example, cornstarch or powder for recovery. Never take baby powder or talcum for this, because it can cause irritation, and sometimes even big health problems for women.

To protect you, do a small experiment on small areas of the body usually the wrist for compatibility with any component.

How to store sex toys?

Keeping master sex toys is just as important as caring for them. Spend and buy special storage for your intimate things, where temperature will be regulated. In order for the toy to last longer, this storage must be dry and clean, and you must follow some rules. After application, always remove the batteries from the toy. Otherwise, they can leak, discharge, leak and spoil the subject. You can not only save the battery, but also extend the life of the toy itself. For yoni eggs used in exercise, you can preserve its form and integrity.

Before you send the toy for storage, it should be completely dried; otherwise it can become covered with dirt and mold. Before storing the toy, disassemble if it consists of several parts and store these parts separately from each other, having previously wrapped them in a soft cloth. Some components cannot be stored together for a long time because of their incompatibility, they can cause melting or discoloration. The vibrating eggs and pulse change, so they also need to be stored separately from the device itself. After properly storing, you may bring your travel dildos with you.

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