For my first takeover event I opted for a Marvel Comics necklace, owing to the fact I’m a major dork and can tell you everything about the “broken time” event taking place right now, courtesy of Wolverine who went back in time to stop hank Pym from creating Ultron, but instead ended up meeting himself in the future and then having to kill himself in the past and….it’s all very confusing. Just take my word for it I like comic books, and I love my wife, so I wanted to combine the two.


I  got some wooden beads about the size of marbles, some Mod Podge, some twine, a clasp and crimpers, and a wooden circular pendant from Michaels. And I grabbed some free Marvel Comics from the Comic Store here in oceanside (Comics Kitchen).


Step 1: Read the comic

Step 2: Paint the wooden pendant black

step 2.5: Cut out a picture of Captain America as my focal piece and mod podge that sucker onto the pendant


Step 3: Run twine through the pendant.

Step 4:make a nice sturdy knot for the twine.

Step five: Add crimpers and use pliers to squeeze them in place


Step 6: cut the comic book into strips and roll them onto the wooden beads, making sure to only choose the best characters and word baloons, because who cares about Gwen Stacy?! Not me.

Step 7: Add Mod Podge to all the covered beads.

Step 8: start adding the beads to the twine, the same way Scott Summers is adding new X-Men members to his team of nefarious newbies, which somehow includes Magneto, even though Magneto has tried to kill him about, oh, 1,345 times.


Step 9: Make a loop with the twine after all beads are added and crimp it.

Step 10: Add the clasp and crimp it.

comic-book-DIY-necklaceFor my first attempt, I’d say I did all right. Next time I might be sure to get all the little air pockets out. Tera wore this out on our shopping excusion Sunday, and when we got lunch at the Mcaroni Grill, the waiter was like, “Is that a Marvel Comics’ necklace?” And when we said yes he pulled out his Marvel Comics wallet his girlfriend got for him and said, “I knew I had a great girlfriend when she got me this.” And I know I have a great wife because she wears comic book jewelry I make for her.